COREgrass™ Turf Reinforcement Grids

Yes, now you can park and drive on grass without killing it!COREgrass Turf Stabilizer

The COREgrass™ Turf Stabilizer is a green choice for low-impact paving. Beautiful, sustainable and economical solution to manage stormwater and reduce heat island effects in parking and traffic areas.

Parking lots, access roads, and driveways with COREgrass™ porous paving are stabilized so turf can grow, with no ruts or sinking, and all the beauty and benefits of natural, eco-friendly surfaces. 

Key Benefits

Max load support – Enhanced load bearing ensures no rutting or soil compression with vehicle traffic, yet still 100% pervious.

Stormwater BMP – Reduces stormwater runoff significantly and improves water quality with natural pollution filtration and treatment.

Heat Island LID – Reduce and mitigate urban heat island effects with this cool low-impact development practice.

LEED credit – Used in SUDS and LEED compliant porous paving BMPs for ideal draining and minimal environmental impact.

ADA compliant – Used in ADA disability compliant surfaces for pedestrians, bicycles, & wheelchair traffic.

Erosion control – Address a wide range of erosion control, earth retention, slope protection, and stability issues.

Parking lines in grass – Easily add delineation and edge indicators with COREmarker.

Aesthetically pleasing – Nearly invisible, no unsightly infrastructure is seen, just green grass. 

COREgrass™ is environmentally friendly in design, function and material. Many plastic grass grids on the market lack the strength necessary to last and absorb high levels of traffic; not so with our honeycomb design. You will find COREgrass™ provides amazing stability, grass protection, and a sustainable drainage model as well as providing the desirable visual and natural effect of a grass paver.

COREgrass™ is a proprietary interlocking design with manageable panel sizes that makes for easy installation. Applications ideal for use in hardscapes or landscapes where you need the porosity and beauty of natural grass to support all types of traffic. 



  Dimensions   Cell Diameter / Height / Wall Thickness   Weight/m2
COREgrass 60-40R 60 mm / 40 mm / 2.5 mm (2.4 in / 1.6 in / 98 mil) 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
COREgrass 65-45R 65 mm / 45 mm / 3 mm (2.6 in / 1.8 in / 118 mil) 5 kg (11 lbs)
  Common Sheet Sizes   MEDIUM   JUMBO
COREgrass 60-40R 1150 x 1000 mm (45.3 x 39.4 in) 2300 x 1000 mm (90.6 x 39.4 in)
COREgrass 65-45R 1200 x 800 mm (47.2 x 31.5 in) 2400 x 1200 mm (94.5 x 47.2 in)
MEDIUM Sheet Area 1200 x 800 mm: 0.96 m2 (10.3 ft2)
1150 x 1000 mm: 1.15 m2 (12.4 ft2)
JUMBO Sheet Area 2400 x 1200 mm: 2.88 m2 (31 ft2)
2300 x 1000 mm: 2.3 m2 (24.8 ft2)
  Custom sizes also available
Physical & Mechanical Properties  
Material 100% Recycled Polypropylene (PP)
Color Standard: Green
Optional: Black, Gray, White, and custom colors
Cell Shape Hexagon
Chemical Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent 
Applications Recommended Grass Grades over 30° Strength (unfilled) 100% Recycled Vehicle Weight Rating
COREgrass 60-40R Consult local conditions YES 
(with pins)
200 Tons YES Medium-Heavy
COREgrass 65-45R Consult local conditions YES 
(with pins)
250 Tons YES Heavy


COREgrass 2-way water drainage COREgrass pins on slopeCOREgrass 6545HDR panel